Look who’s cookin’ on Sunday, October 9, 2022:

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2022 TEAMS

Hometown Cook/Volunteer Org/Rotary Club

Andrew & Audra Matlack

Paterfamilias Chili

FBG Chili Team

Chili – hurts so good!

Goodwill Fire Company

Takin the Heat Chili

Habeñero Brothers

This Ain't Yo Mama's Chili!

Hammacher and Schlemmer

"Who is Barry Badrinath?" Bratwurst Chili

Happy Honkers

Smokin' Hot Chili

Medics of Mayhem

For Medicinal Purposes Only

Parrot Troopers

Luck O’ the Parrot Chili

Pepper Perfect Chili

Pepper Perfect Chili

Saint Agnes

Holy Smoke Chili

William Monteith

Cloudy with a Chance of Heat

Non-Profit Organization

Chester County Council, Boy Scouts of America

Campfire Chicken Chili

Chester County Democratic Committee

Vote November 8 Chili

Church Farm School

Scrapplelicious Church Farm Chili

Hiram's Chili

Zach's Zesty Zinger

You're Dead To Me

Chill~A With a Cause

West Chester Friends School

Quaker Spices Chili

West Chester Knights Social Club

Smoky Knights


Barnaby's House Chili

J's Southwest Chili

Pour Some Chili On Me

Food is Love, Local Black Angus Chili

Four Pepper Fire Chili

It's Always Chili In Boston

Darla's Chili

Ryan's Pub

Ryan's Galway Chili

Saloon 151 Outlaw Chili

Side Bar

Square Bar

Square Bar Chili

Nine-Juan-Juan Chili

Stolen Sun's Smoky J's Chili

Kevin's Famous Chili

Turk's Head Sauce


Fire In The Hall

Brock & Company, Inc.

Brock'in Braised Short Rib Chili

Chester County Chocolate Chili

Meat Bouquet Chili

Chow Down Chili

Celebration Chili – A Party in Your Mouth

Spicy Specs

Widgeon Wealth Strategies, LLC

Widgeon Red